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The 12 Best Solar Powered Car Fans on the Market

Solar-powered car fans are an affordable and convenient way to keep your car smelling fresh, and the air constantly circulated. A solar-powered fan is best because they will stay on while the car is turned off, so long as they have enough charge from the sun. Whether you have a working air conditioning unit in your car or not, these fans work to keep your car cooler in the summer while you’re at work, and it is sitting in the hot sun. 

The 12 Best Solar Powered Car Fans on the Market

What are the 12 best solar powered car fans on the market?

  1. Ferryone Solar Powered Car Fan 
  2. IdeaWorks Solar Auto Fan/Vent
  3. Stylooc Solar Powered Car Fan
  4. Volwco Solar Powered Car Fan
  5. Tuzech Solar Powered Car Fan
  6. Livoty Solar Powered Car Fan
  7. Womdee Solar Powered Car Fan
  8. Sellmore Solar Powered Car Fan
  9. Fordex Group Solar Powered Car Fan
  10. Gooworm Solar Powered Car Fan
  11. Pevor Portable Mini Solar Powered Car Fan
  12. Kulcar Solar Powered Car Fan

There are many different brands of solar-powered car fans in today’s market. Not all of them are created equal, though. Some are more durable than others, and I have created the ultimate list of the best solar powered fans on the market. Aside from this, there are also a few drawbacks to having a solar-powered fan. I will get into this more in detail later. 

The 12 Best Solar Powered Car Fans

1.    Ferryone Solar Powered Car Fan

Starting off the top of the list is the Ferryone solar-powered fan. It is one of the best on the market. And as a sleek black design. This company also makes a solar-powered fan in white too. This fan features outer solar panels, a double duct, and a double motor design that helps to improve exhaust speed efficiency. 

One incredibly nice feature is that it is also battery powered. If it is a hot day, but the sun isn’t directly out, solar power may not get enough charge. This is when relying on the battery function comes in handy. You can still circulate the air within your car when you aren’t in it, so when you return, the air isn’t as muggy or stale.  The fan mounts onto a window of the car with the fans facing the interior of the car and the sleek flat backside facing outward. The window is required to be rolled down an inch or so to allow for the fan to mount properly. This also allows the hot hair to circulate right out of the car when the fan is on, leaving your car cooler and odor-free. Its lightweight and small dimensions make it an ideal purchase for any car. 

2.    IdeaWorks Solar Auto Fan/Vent

The IdeaWorks solar-powered fan is a great choice for something that isn’t sure if they will like having a fan in their car. In other words, it is a great starter fan for first-time users. It is even smaller than the first fan on the list and for about half the price. It is about the size of the palm of your hand, so when it is mounted onto your window, it is still easy to see out through the window. 

You could potentially run into issues on cloudy days or if your windows are dirty or tinted. Because the fan is so small and the solar sensor is also small, it is harder for the panel to get its charge unless it is in direct sunlight. It should also be noted that because it is a smaller fan, it doesn’t include a backup battery either. If the fan doesn’t charge in the sunlight, then you will be returning to a hot car after work. 

There are definitely pros and cons to buying this fan. It isn’t necessarily meant to last you a long time, and you can’t expect the same efficiency as some of the other larger fans. That said, though, it is a great fan to purchase if you are on the fence about wanting one in the first place. If you decide against it, then you aren’t in as much of a loss in the end. 

3.    Stylooc Solar Powered Car Fan

This is another durable and versatile solar-powered fan. The Stylooc is larger and features three fans in one with a rather long solar panel on the backside. This fan is a nice option because you can choose how many of the three fans you want to be running. The more fans you have on, the more charge it will use, obviously, but it will also do an amazing job of airing out your car while it sits in the hot sun. 

The Stylooc fan features a backup rechargeable solar battery. This is a nice feature because when it’s extremely sunny outside, the main and backup batteries will charge. Then when you find yourself on a hot day when the sun is hiding behind some clouds, the backup battery will kick in until it loses charge. It also features a double duct and double motor design to speed up the exhaust process and increase efficiency. 

Similar to most other car fans, this one also mounts onto one of the front windows while leaving small crack at the top of the window. With this fan, though, once it is mounted in place, you will not be able to roll down the window, it is mounted on without disrupting the functionality of the fan. It is worth it, though, to have fresh air in your car and a fresh smell to return to. 

4.    Volwco Solar Powered Car Fan The Volwco solar-powered car fan uses high-efficiency solar panels to maximize charging time while also providing immense power and fast heat elimination. This is a company with a durable fan and a sleek design. You will barely notice it in your window. In fact, it has almost a seamless

design, so you won’t have to worry about bugs crawling into your car from a crack in the window. 

This is a solar fan with two separate fan motors that are angled outward. This allows for maximum circulation throughout the car, rather just blowing in the same direction. You also have the luxury of choosing if you want just one fan on or both of them. The Volwco brand is another brand model that features a rechargeable battery for the no-so-sunny days. A feature that really helps the selling point of a car fan. 

You won’t have to worry about tinted windows because the solar panel hangs on the outside of the window, flat with the window. If the sun is out, these solar panels will find it. A notable feature it includes is a digital temperature gauge to tell you the temperature inside your car at all times. This product also comes with a satisfaction guarantee, proving that the company stands behind the quality of their product. 

5.    Tuzech Solar Powered Car Fan

If you are looking for a fan larger than the IdeaWorks, but small than the Stylooc, then the Tuzech solar-powered fan is the one for you. It is less of an annoyance in the window because it isn’t as big as some of the other models, but it also won’t put out as much airflow because it doesn’t have three fans in it. Don’t get me wrong though, it still packs a punch and is a worthy contender for best solar-powered fan. 

It is only about six inches long and attaches to your car window, just like the others. However, it is easy and fast to install and remove, so if you decide you would rather drive with the windows down once you return to your car, then you can easily remove the fan for the drive. This also makes it seem more portable because it is so easy to mount it to the window again. It also makes it easier to accommodate other people in the car because you can put it easily in any window. 

Another notable feature is that this fan is silent. You will not be faced with listening to a fan blow next to your head if you decide to leave it up and running while you are driving. This fan works to keep your car smelling and feeling fresh while also protecting your interior from the damaged accrued over years of sitting and baking in the sun. 

6.    Livoty Solar Powered Car Fan

One of the best models on the list is definitely the Livoty solar-powered car fan. You are getting the most bang for your buck with this purchase. This fan only takes up about six inches of window space, but it also has two fans on it. These two fans give the other models with three fans, a run for their money. This fan only needs two motors to do what others do with three, if not better.  Just like some of the other better models on the list, this fan also features a rechargeable battery. The Livoty solar-powered fan is truly a fan that’ll keep working even when the sun isn’t. It also features on and off switches for the fans, so you don’t have to have both on at the same time if

you want to conserve some battery life on a day that isn’t as hot. You can also use these buttons to select whether to use the battery or solar energy. 

It mounts onto your window with ease and little visibility obstruction. You can easily relocate it to other windows throughout the vehicle too. This is also a fan that works in silence. You will not be bothered by the excess noise of this fan. It even features a digital temperature gauge to easily see the temperature inside your car at any point in time. 

7.    Womdee Solar Powered Car Fan

Womdee is another brand with a powerful solar-powered car fan. This dual-fan model features a high-efficiency three-vortex exhaust fan that rotates at 3500 revolutions per minute. The solar panels on this model are also guaranteed for ten years. No car power supply needed, only the sun. You won’t have trouble charging the solar battery or its rechargeable backup battery either because of the sleek and seamless design. 

The solar panels lay flush with the outside of the window, and the design of the fan itself makes it to where there is little to no gap in the window after installing it. Installing and removing are easy tasks to do, as well. This is another fan that is small but mighty, making it easy to move throughout the car or to take down if you choose to drive with the windows down. 

The outward angled fans allow for optimal air circulation. You will never have to know what it feels like to come back to a hot and stuffy car ever again. The fan does an incredible job of moving around the air and removing unwanted odors from the car while you are away. And if you choose only to have one fan running to save on battery life, there are switches to control this easily. You can also have the luxury of a digital thermostat with this model as well. 

8.    Sellmore Solar Powered Car Fan

The Sellmore brand solar-powered fan is one of the bigger solar fan models available on the market. It’s complete with three fan motors that all face different directions to ensure the entire car is getting circulated. You can trust that while your car sits in the sun, this fan is doing its job to keep the interior smelling fresh and feeling cool. The motors are strong, too, and when all three are used, you can really tell the difference when you return. 

You don’t have to use all three fans, though; it comes equipped with switches to turn off any or all fans conveniently. If the fan hasn’t received much charge in the last day or so, it may be best only to have one or two fans going to save energy. That said, though, it also has a rechargeable battery for backup. This is also activated by a switch and perfect for cloudy days. 

There shouldn’t be much worry about whether or not the fan is being charged, though, because the solar panels are large and in perfect view of the sun no matter where it is. This is because the panels lay flush with the outside of the car window. Another great design feature is that you can pretty much shut your window all the way when the fan is mounted, unlike other brands. The hot air is ventilated out of the car through the use of vents. 

9.    Fordex Group Solar Powered Car Fan

Another version of the mid-sized solar-powered fan model is the Fordex. This model features one mighty-powered fan packs a punch. It has a simple design and is one of the cheaper options for solar-powered fans, but that’s not to say it doesn’t get the job done. This is a great starter fan or to purchase in addition to another model. 

It doesn’t have an extra rechargeable battery, but if your car is always parked in the direct hot sun while you are at work, then this is definitely a viable option for a car fan. The solar panel will easily be able to charge. However, if you have tinted windows, it may restrict some of the charging capabilities because the solar panel is on the inside of the window instead of the outside. 

Another notable feature is that the design of this fan falls for a slight opening at the top of your car window, and immobilizes the window when the fan is mounted. Luckily, it is easily removable portable. You can easily install or remove this fan on any window throughout the car to keep the air consistently circulated. The fact that the window has a slight opening also allows for the hot air to easily escaped while the fan circulates fresh air in its place. 

10. Gooworm Solar Powered Car Fan

The Gooworm solar-powered fan is a happy medium between the Fordex and some of the other multi-motor fans on the list. It still features a single fan motor, but it bigger than the Fordex model. It also showcases the same simple design with no rechargeable battery or temperature gauge. This fan doesn’t need all that, though; the one fan motor brings enough power to cool off and refresh the whole car. 

Some notable features include the solar panel. Instead of one small panel like the Fordex, the Gooworm has four panels to ensure a faster solar charge. Not only that, but it is also designed in a way that allowed the solar panels to lay flush with the outside of the car rather than the inside. This is a great feature because it will charge under almost any weather condition. 

Although the design is thicker and calls for a small opening in your window, this product comes with rubber strips to put on either side of the fan to close the gap in the window. This is a great feature because it will block any unwanted bugs or possible rain from getting in your car. However, when these rubber strips are on, you cannot use your window. It will also make removing the fan more difficult than some of the other options on the list. 

11. Pevor Portable Mini Solar Powered Car Fan

If you are someone that is on the fence about purchasing a solar-powered fan, then this is another basic solar fan option that is cheap but still gets the job done. It is designed a lot different than the other fans on the list. The fan is shaped more like a fan you would see on a desk. It is small, which is great for visibility purposes. The fact that it is small makes it a good option for someone that usually drives alone too because it will have a harder time reaching the back of the car. 

The way this fan gets installed is one of the easiest installs on the list. You simply clip it to the window, and the small solar panel sits outside of the window, ensuring it will get a direct charge more efficiently. This basic design allows you to easily install and remove the fan whenever and wherever you would like. One it has a charge, you can even clip it to your sun visor and have it blowing directly on your face while you drive. 

The smaller solar panel does have a hard time getting a charge if there isn’t direct sunlight, though, but the fact that the panel sits on the outside of the window rather than the inside is a notable feature. Another great thing about this product is that it comes with a satisfaction guarantee. That makes it that much more worth it to buy and test out. If you decide you don’t like it, then you can easily return the product to the company.  

12. Kulcar Solar Powered Car Fan

The Kulcar solar-powered fan is one of the more expensive fans on the list. It comes with all the bells and whistles. If you are someone that is certain about wanting a solar-powered fan, then this is definitely the one to invest in. It will last, and it also does more than just cool and refresh the air in your car. It features a three-fan motor design with all three fans facing different directions. It also has a ten-year warranty on the solar panel that lays flush with the outside of the window. 

This design works great because the solar panel doesn’t have to try to charge through the inside of a window. This model is best used in one of your back windows or a window that you won’t often be opening. That is because it does leave a rather large gap in the window. However, it also comes with a nice airtight rubber seal to close off the window, but in turn, immobilizes the window. You won’t have to worry about fit because it is designed to fit any window. 

Perhaps the most notable feature is that this solar-powered fan also has a USB port. You can use solar energy to charge your electronic devices while your car is off. This helps the environment and also saves you money because you will no longer need a car charger. Anything that has a USB cable hook-up will work with this fan as long as there is enough solar charge. 

What Are Some Drawbacks to Solar Powered Car Fans?

Solar-powered car fans are a great option for cooling down and maintaining a fresh interior in your car. They are also eco-friendly and surprisingly work pretty well. Especially if you live somewhere that is hot most of the time; these fans come in handy. Nonetheless, though, there are some inevitable drawbacks, as there are with anything. 


One drawback is rain, if you live somewhere that rains a lot then these fans may not be the best option for you. Mainly, because most of the solar-powered fan options require a small gap be left in your car window. Granted, most models will come with a rubber strip to eliminate the gap, but that doesn’t mean they are 100% airtight. Rainwater can still manage to creep in, and possibly hurt the interior of your car as a consequence. 

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Sunlight can be another great drawback, especially if you by a model that is designed with the solar panel to lay on the inside of the window. Without a lot of direct sunlight, the solar panels will not charge the fan properly, and you will find you are still getting into a hot and stuffy car after work. It is important to understand where the sun is for most of the time your car is parked and install the fan in the same direction as to where the sun will be. 


It is important to note that these fans are not a direct replacement for air conditioning. They are not described to necessarily keep your car cold; rather, they just circulate the hot air around the car and out through the ventilation system. That said, its main purpose is to keep you from returning to a car with stale hot air and possible bad odors, but if you are expecting to come back to a cool 70-degree car, you will most likely be let down. 

Window Functionality:

This article is owned by and was first published on December 9, 2019

Another obvious drawback is not being able to use the window that the fan is installed in. However, most of these fans are rather easy to remove and re-install, and most people don’t need the fan on while they are driving. Simply remove the fan from the window upon returning to your car, and you will be able to use the window again. However, if you buy a model with an intricate rubber seal, then removing the fan may be more of a hassle.

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